Local Youth Peacebuilders Program

Program Description:

The Local Youth Peacebuilders (LYP) program is Play2EDUCATE’s year-long program that engages local youth between the ages of 25-35 years old. Upon application and selection into the LYP program, volunteers attend a series of free capacity building trainings (i.e. dialogue facilitation, sport for development). Once trained, LYPs take on the responsibility of facilitating participants through the ETP program. Upon successful completion of both of these requirements, LYPs will be certified by P2E in dialogue facilitation, peacebuilding, and leadership.

Participant Takeaways:

By participating in this program, participants will:

  • Learn about alternative methods for preventing extremism, conflict, and violence
  • Develop skills related to dialogue facilitation, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding
  • Engage with a variety of perspectives and beliefs
  • Gain practical experience checking personal prejudices and triggers related to critical life skills topics
  • Experience working as part of an international team in a primarily English-speaking environment
  • Be provided with an honest, unique work experience that looks great on a CV
  • Have the opportunity to grow their professional network through our local and international contacts
  • Be helping their country and community to achieve a safe and secure environment.

Local Youth Peacebuilders
Below you will find listed opportunities available for application. Please follow the corresponding links to get more information on the opportunities.

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