Play2EDUCATE (P2E) cultivates positive relationship development among youth to promote tolerance  and foster resilience focused on preventing religious, political, and ethnic extremism, conflict, and violence.



Our vision is a world free of extremism, conflict, and violence where people from different religions, ethnicities, races, genders, and cultures can peacefully coexist.




  • To embrace integration, inclusiveness, and diversity.
  • To behave with respect, dignity, honesty and integrity towards ourselves and others.
  • Devoted to positively impacting youth and communities.
  • Dedicated to teamwork and collaboration.
  • Committed to promoting critical thinking, awareness, and voice through participant-directed dialogue.
  • Dedicated to utilizing sport, play, and activity based learning.
  • Commitment to delivering high quality youth and community programs.
  • Dedicated to sustainable implementation and growth through utilization of local resources.
  • To promote accountability to continuously improve our performance.